Congresbury Baptisms 1864-

This transcription is provided by permission of Somerset Archive and Record Service and is subject to their copyright conditions. This information is provided as is with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness; please inform me if you find mistakes.
December the 11th 1864MinnieSamuel and SarahLightCongresburyblacksmith
January the 8th 1865Lydia MaryCharles and ElizaSparyCongresburylabourer
February the 12th 1865MaryJohn and EllenNashCongresburylabourer
February the 12th 1865Mary ElizabethCharles and AnnSimsCongresburyShoemaker
February the 12th 1865ThomasCharles and Mary JaneAldermanCongresburylabourer
March the 12th 1865FannyEdward and SarahPerryCongresburylabourer
March the 12th 1865Eva JaneHenry and AmeliaBlackmoreCongresburylabourer
April the 9th 1865Wallis DaveyJohn and EllenAllenCongresburyBaker
April the 9th 1865AlbertWilliam and ElizaGoslingCongresburylabourer
April the 9th 1865AnnWilliam and EmmaSeymourCongresburylabourer
April the 9th 1865MaryWilliam and EmmaSeymourCongresburylabourer
May the 2nd 1865Harriet BakerJames and JanePortchCongresburyblacksmith
July the 9th 1865Harriet ??Joseph and HarrietChudseyCongresburylabourer
July the 9th 1865GeorgeSarah and GeorgePalmerCongresburylabourer
July the 9th 1865JohnJohn and CarolineKimminsCongresburylabourer
August the 13th 1865Mary JaneTemperance and GeorgeCavillCongresburyFarmer
August the 23rd 1865HenryThomas and LouisaSainsburyCongresburylabourer
September the 10th 1865Joseph EdwardRobert and EllenHamCongresburyButcher
October the 3rd 1865William Robert &c NedhamWilliam Robert and Mary WoodcockNedhamCongresburyColonel, RHA
October the 8th 1865ArthurCharles and EmilyLovelCongresburyShoemaker
October the 8th 1865Thomas JamesCharles and EmilyLovelCongresburyShoemaker
October the 8th 1865MarthaJohn and HarrietHippeslyCongresburylabourer
November the 12th 1865Arthur HenryEdward and AnnSellickCongresburyinnkeeper
November the 12th 1865EllenCharles and MaryHarrisCongresburylabourer
December the 3rd 1865HenryWilliam and ElizaBrownCongresburylabourer
December the 10th 1865Adeliza LawrenceJames and ElizaEdwardsCongresburyFarmer
January the 7th 1866ThomasGeorge and Mary SusanBurdgeCongresburyCarpenter
January the 14th 1866AnnieWilliam and JaneRowleyCongresburybasket seller
January the 24th 1866 (private)George PoultneyCharles and EllenCannCongresburyFarmer
February the 18th 1866 (private)Sarah BroakerJohn and ElizabethBlackmoreCongresburylabourer
February the 22nd 1866 (private)FredCharles and SarahHarrisCongresbury (St Ann's)labourer
March the 11th 1866SarahJohn and LucyLukinsCongresburylabourer
March the 29th 1866JaneAliceLondonCongresbury-
April the 8th 1866EdwardWilliam and ElizabethPalmerCongresbury (St Ann's)labourer
May the 13th 1866Wilfred Parsley son ofJames and AnnePopeCongresburyFarmer
July the 22nd 1866SydneyMichael and Annie?LidburyCongresburyBaker
July the 22nd 1866GeorgeRobert and Francis AnneLaurenceCongresburyFarmer
August the 12th 1866George Charles and SarahThomasCongresburypainter
August the 12th 1866ElizaCharles and SarahThomasCongresburypainter
(undated)LouisCharles and SarahThomasCongresburypainter
August the 12th 1866EvaCharles and SarahThomasCongresburypainter?
August the 19th 1866Sarah JaneWilliam and SarahPriceCongresburyFarmer
September the 9th 1866EphraimHenry and AmeliaBlackmoreCongresburylabourer
September the 9th 1866Sydney RichardJames and EmmaRawlingsCongresburylabourer
October the 14th 1866ElizabethJoseph and HarrietChideryCongresburylabourer
October the 14th 1866CeciliaFrancis and Sarah AnnSweteCongresbury St Ann'slabourer
October the 14th 1866EllenJohn and ElizabethMillinCongresburylabourer
October the 14th 1866ElizabethJohn and ElizabethMillinCongresburylabourer
December the 23rd 1866Sarah AnneEdward and ElizabethHumphreysCongresbury labourer
January the 1st 1867James ReginaldJames and Sarah AnneMountstevensCongresburyFarmer
January the 13th 1867Arthur JohnGeorge and SarahPalmerCongresburylabourer
January the 20th 1867Sarah AnneJohn and PhebeHollierCongresburylabourer
January the 27th 1867Laura JaneWilliam and EmilyHuntCongresburylabourer
March the 3rd 1867Mary AnneJohn and SarahLondonCongresburylabourer
March the 10th 1867Jesse MaryJoseph and PrudenceEdwardsCongresburyFarmer